About Hebden

Hebden is a small yet historic village nestled in Lower Wharfedale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. The village has been designated as a conservation area by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority since 2006.

Many have walked along the ‘Dalesway’ which takes you along the township’s southern boundary from just outside Burnsall, to our famous suspension bridge, (built to take the workers from Thorpe to the corn mills across the river) and commonly referred to as the swinging bridge; then along the meadow – known to many for the chestnut trees that line the river bank and provide, shelter from rain, shade from the sun and a vision of beauty in the autumn plus a wonderful bounty of the conkers!

Others come once a year to join us at Hebden Sports, complete with traditional races, events and – highlight of the day the ‘Fell Race’ (or is it the egg throwing competition!) Whatever reason brings people to Hebden many return again and again.

Hebden Fact!

According to the UK census, the population of hebden has been increasing since 1971 and as of the most recent data, stands at 246.

Hebdens Secret Waterfall

Scale Haw Falls is hebdens very own secret waterfall! A handy map can be found at Geograph.org


Great War Exhibition

10th - 18th of November
Hebden Village Institute
An exhibition marking the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War

History of Hebden

The name Hebden may be derived from either heope, Old English for a rose-hip or heopa, Old English for a bramble, and dene, Old English for a valley or from the Scandinavian Hebban, a topographical description of a ridge forming an elevated site above a small valley.

There is no documentary record of the area until a mention in the Domesday Book of 1086, in which the settlement was referred to as Hebedene held by Osbern d'Arques, of Thorpe Arch. At the time of the Conquest the land was held by Dreng, which is a Nordic name.

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Hebden Parish Council


  • D. Joy (Chairman)
  • G. Coney
  • P. Hodge
  • M. Longthorne
  • L. Wilson


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